A Dash of This, A Smidgen of That: How this blog has changed in two years

I am often asked how this blog’s readership has grown and today, I am sharing a bit more history about that.

Six years ago, I started writing Evin’s Cooking Peas & Q’s for a weekly newspaper in West Virginia, The New Mountain Tribune. Each week, I focused on a different theme or ingredient and throughout the day would experiment to create tasty recipes worth sharing. My husband and our friends were taste-testers. Some days we lost weight, some days we gained. In August 2005, the column switched to be in The WhistleStop Magazine in the Silicon Valley of California where it stayed for six months. Then it stayed dormant while I got married and worked full-time in MBA recruiting, admissions, and financial aid. In October 2008, I decided it was time CPQ changed with the times so I set it up as a blog here. Slowly, we moved to our new virtual home and settled in quite nicely. Before we knew it, we had neighbors, friends, and interested strangers coming to visit and read about our latest recipe adventures.

Here is the breakdown of how this blog has gone from 259 readers in its first month to about 1,000 a month. Though that is not a huge growth, it is just right for me.

October – December 2008 = 935 views
January – March 2009 = 568 views
April – June 2009 = 599 views
July – September 2009 = 971 views
October – December 2009 = 1,271 views
January – March 2010 = 2, 034 views
April – June 2010 = 1,125 views
July – September 2010 = 3,600 views
October – December 2010 = 4,264 views (slightly less than all my views in 2008 and 2009 combined)

And though I am happy with this being one of my six blogs and that people enjoy reading the posts I enjoy writing, there is something that hasn’t been sitting well about having SIX BLOGS. It’s insane, right? Yeah, I think so too. Though my recipe and food posts will keep coming, they may be in a different location and it may be time to put all the posts in one place since I suspect I may just find more time for writing, researching, photography, cooking, and life. We’ll see what happens, but please PLEASE know I appreciate your loyalty as readers so stick with me, ok?

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