Making Monkey Muffins with Croissant Dough

What says Sunday morning better than a little Jazz music playing in the background while baby LB naps, hubby has a lie-in, and I smirk at the croissant dough in the fridge knowing its destiny is about to be fulfilled in the form of Monkey Muffins? Nothing. Read the blog post on my main blog EvinOK to find out how to make Monkey Muffins with Croissant Dough.

Croissant Monkey Muffins for Breakfast

Croissant Monkey Muffins on a Sunday Morning

If you want silicon muffin holders, here are some links (I got mine at Dunnes but Tesco carries them too):
Kitchen Craft Colourworks Silicone Cupcake Cases, Pack of 12
Ciroa Miniamo Pastels Set of 12 Assorted Coloured Silicone Cup Cake Cases in a Acetate Pack
Wilton Baking Cups – Silicone – Standard – 12 pcs – Pastel
Wilton 415-9400 Easy Flex Silicone 3-Inch Reusable Baking Cups, 12 Count
Wilton Silicone Pastel Standard Baking Cups, 12 Count

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