Ever since I got ahold of my Grandfather’s 1940-era Underwood typewriter, I’ve wanted to be a writer. Of course, back then I imagined myself in a turret room overlooking a lake clanking away all day as a novelist, but no matter where the words end up, putting them together is part of who I am. My writing has brought me many places, from the days of being editor-in-chief of my campus newspaper to my current experience writing from my home base in Ireland and many travel destinations.

I got a taste for catering to the interests of a community back in my university newspaper days and fell in love with it when I wrote my weekly column, Cooking Peas & Q’s blog for The New Mountain Tribune newspaper in West Virginia. No matter who reads my writing or where it gets published, it is my way of capturing the world in which I live to share, preserve, and document. My writing is regularly published in the internal newsletter for The Baldwin Group in WDC and my twice monthly column in Hobe Sound Currents, a newspaper in Florida. My heart still goes pitter-pat when I hear and use manual typewriters.

I grew up inside the Beltway (Washington, D.C.) and went to Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Studio and Communications. I took additional coursework toward a certificate in Art Therapy and, in my senior year, was on the school’s tennis team. It was in my four years at CHC that I learned about dedication, ownership of one’s work, and following my passion for the visual and written arts. My thesis, “The Place of the Book in the Era of the New Media” fascinated me – and was ahead of its time (it was basically about electronic books and online reading at a time when only a portion of students even had email accounts or cellular phones).

When I am not writing or designing something digitally or keeping busy as a wife and mother, I am knitting, cooking, traveling, and photographing all the interesting stuff along the way. Though usually practical, I have a fondness for garden gnomes (and gardening), spending an afternoon in a Parisian cafe, hunting down the right ingredients for something I’m cooking, wearing Breton-style striped tees and knee-high argyle socks (not always at the same time), and admiring garden gnomes and dishes.

Please stay a while, enjoy a cup of tea as you browse what I’ve written, and if you’d like to know more, contact me.


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