It all started with my Grandma and Mom teaching me to cook what foods I liked (like filet of sole with butter and lemon at age 7). Next thing, I’m finding any excuse to cook for my friends (think, 30 individual cheesecakes for my 17th birthday or catering my own class presentations in college where I was campus newspaper editor). My recipes caught a little attention and gained a weekly newspaper column in West Virginia’s New Mountain Tribute then a column in California’s Whistlestop Magazine and now in Florida’s Hobe Sound Currents. The blog shares the columns and everything in-between with the rest of the world. All past columns are posted here for your convenience along with culinary musings.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just wanted to let you know we started a home milk delivery service in Orange County,N.Y. All local farm fresh products. I was wondering if you can add ud to your list of milk delivery services. Thank you Rob Schuller

  2. I found a real good cookbook at the DG dollar general,not sure if they are where you are?title is “1001 recipes short,easy inexpensive” for 5 bucks.Tell your readers get your copy if you can,they have a web site.

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